Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nutritious You is Going to #EXPOEast !

An amazing event is coming up for #NutritiousYou #HealthySnacks. The countdown begins today and it's getting more exciting as we start packaging the boxes to be shipped to Baltimore!

ExpoEast is a huge trade show for natural products of all sorts starting with healthy snacks and ending with supplements, body care, and eco-friendly anything. It is my kind of paradise.

Last year, I went there as a visitor and had a blast. I saw amazing people that are a driving force in the natural industry. This year, while I won't be able to roam around too much, I am excited to be presenting my product line. If you are going to the event, please stop by our booth #8228 to say hello and to taste our snacks. We will be presenting 4 products this time:

~VeggiePulp crackers, made out of mainly carrot pulp and some amazing spices
~SweetBeet crackers, made mainly from beets, for those with sweet tooth
~CheezyKale chips, cheesy but dairy free
~Rosemary Walnuts, full of healthy oils and savory flavor.

Nutritious You Snacks are:

~ Gluten Free
~ 99% Organic
~ No preservatives
~ No chemicalized artificial dyes/food colors
~ No yucky stuff!
~ Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients
~ Raw & Vegan

Please use the contact tab for any questions.

Brand new website is coming up soon where you will be able to order all of these products
anywhere in the United States!!!

For now...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raw Food Workshop in Sarasota, FL

Brand New Workshop Series in Sarasota, FL! 
New Year, New Recipes! 

You asked, I listened. Instead of one, I am offering four workshops in a row this year! 
Sign up for all four and safe $60!
These are the only workshops I am planning in 2014. 

* * *

Increase amount of life-force giving recipes in your kitchen. Get comfortable with new healthy ingredients and start using them on daily basis. Enrich your plate with nutrient-packed and YUMMY food!

REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY 27, 2014 !!! Only 10 people per class, on first come first serve basis. To register go to:

Sneak Peek:

February 1: Valentine’s Special.
Impress your honey with an exquisite dinner! Featured recipe – tiramisu cheesecake.

February 22: Intro to Dehydrators.
Learn how to make a popular item on the Veg restaurant’s menu. Featured recipe – spinach tortilla and its versatile uses at home.

March 8: Uncooking with Essential Oils
Enhance the flavor with therapeutic grade oils. Featured Recipe – pizza.

March 29 My Favorite Recipes!
Sharing the love of my favorite recipes and learning how to use a rice paper. Featured Recipe – Vietnamese Soft Roll.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Travel Keychain Case with Essential Oils Samples

You can buy this keychain case online with empty tiny bottles included. Then, you have to buy the oils separately and make your own collection, whatever you prefer to include.  Since quite a few people asked if they could buy this little travel bag already filled with oils, I decided to make it happen for you!

Each oil has a different price tag, some are easy to produce and some are not. I picked some of the most popular oils that you would enjoy using and here is the calculated price for it.

Option 1:

This travel bags are currently available in black color.

Looking for the cheapest way?
You can buy the 15mil bottles yourself at a wholesale price (25% off) as a preferred customer and purchase the travel bag separately. Then you can fill up the small bottles (it's about 2.5 mil size). Contact me for this option!

If you'd like to safe yourself from troubles, you can get this collection from me! Free ick up available in the Gulf Gate area, in Sarasota, FL. Shipment anywhere in the US is available for additional fee.

Option 2:

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Treat an Earache Naturally

My daughter stayed at home a few weeks ago because she had an earache in both of her ears. I kept her at home so I could apply some essential oils to her every hour. I placed a cotton ball into each of her ears with a few drops of basil and tea tree oil. I made sure the balls were always moist by reapplying 1-3 drops of oils to each ball every hour. I also rubbed a drop or two to the bone behind the ears.

The pain didn't seem to go away and she even developed a bit of a fever by the evening. She went to sleep with those cotton balls in her ears.
The next morning, I thought I would bring her to the doctor if things got worse. To my amazement, yet again, none of her ears hurt in the morning and she felt great! In addition we escaped a doctor's visit ($40 copay plus precious time). We also escaped antibiotics that are ridiculously overused in our society. So off we went to school instead.

I continue to experiment with the essential oils at home and report to you remarkable results! Be careful when using over the counter oils as they might be synthetic (could be dangerous!). Buy the therapeutic grade oils from the well known and proven sources.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about this procedure.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Story of Nutritious You™ Treats

Marina Sommers, holistic health and wellness coach hasn’t always been a healthy food junkie. It all started when she and her family moved to Siesta Key, Florida. The natural beauty of the island and the beach evoke her passion for nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

At the same time her daughter developed an acute condition of Geographic Tongue. Certain foods made it very difficult for her to eat. Several months of trying to find a cure proved to be futile. Marina realized there had to be a drastic change for the better. She finally decided to move the whole family to a strict organic whole food based diet, without gluten, white sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors or any other laboratory made food-like products.

To Marina’s amazement, her daughter’s tongue was healed in two weeks! All the spots were gone. This is where the new journey began.

Marina started creating her own treats in alignment with her family’s new diet, at the same time still wanting her daughter to have the tasty treats that kids enjoy. This is how Nutritious You™ Treats came to life.

Marina’s ultimate goal is to bring her healthy treats to as many families as possible. Forget sacrificing taste for health. She is committed to providing natural, healthy and nutrient filled foods so there is NO GUILT, while indulging on favorite flavors or textures. Marina is dedicated to creating foods that are not just better for you, but good for you.

All our treats never go to high temperatures to preserve what’s nature has created.

NutBerry Mini Granola Bar, with wrapping
Veggie Crackers
Rosemary Walnuts

If you are interested in wholesale prices and free samples,
please contact me directly.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rent the Book, For FREE!

I would like to land you this book for free!
But there is a catch!
You have to land it to someone else after you are done with it and write a name of that person here below, in the comments section. The distance doesn’t matter I’ll send you the book if you pay for shipment. It’s free for local folks as long as you are willing to pick it up in the Gulf Gate area.

The Book: “The World Peace Diet”

How it works: 

1. You borrow the book. When you are done with it, you land it to someone else, someone you think would enjoy it, benefit from it.

2. You put his/her name, zip code, and why you chose that person in the comments section here  I’d love to know where my book travels!

 3. You give the same instructions to the next person :)

The book keeps traveling from one person to another. This is an experiment, lets participate!

Why am I doing it? ..for fun! also, because I think all the people eating meat must read it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Limited Time Discount Offer!

Interested to learn more about essential oils but don't want to commit to anything? 

Today I am giving away this discounted offer!  

If you order the introductory package of three most popular oils today anytime until 11pm EST you will receive a whole sale discount and no shipment cost.  Why would I do it? Because I do nice things to people :) :) and I'd like you to try it in your household and see if you like it.  You'll never know until you try. I'd like you to experience the therapeutic qualities of it and if you don't like it, at least you tried it. If  you like it you will be so glad you purchased this kit! It has so many uses!

This is how it looks:

It comes with the CD describing all the uses of three oils.  If that's not enough, here is 101 possible uses of just these three beautiful yummy oils: 


Limited Time Offer Expires on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, at 11:00pm EST

Discounted Price: $25 for the Sarasota area (regular retail price is $26.67+ shipment of about $9 = $35.67) and $30 for people outside of the Sarasota area.

To Order: contact me via your correct email address and I'll send you an invoice. Pay today before 11pm EST and I'll order your oils tomorrow! Delivery is free around the Siesta Key, FL area.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Make Fruit Leather Rolls

If you know how to make fruit leather rolls is your recipe a healthy one?

These raw/vegan fruit treats are free of white sugar, uncooked so all the fruity nutrient goodness is still there. This recipe is yummy, so easy to make, and it is a much healthier treat for the kids. I tested it on quite a few children and everyone loved it. You don't need to feel guilty when you eat Nutritious You Treats!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bought Movie

I am a pretty angry mama when it comes to big pharma. I just contributed to the production of this movie so others have more awareness. The bonus is I get an ebook to share with my mommies/clients to learn about vaccine alternatives.

Contact me if you'd like to get a hold of the ebook ("A Mother's Guide to Natural Vaccine Alternatives") or contribute here:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nutritious You ™ Trademark

Super-Exciting News! Nutritious You LLC has submitted the application for federal registration of the Nutritious You Trade Mark. Now when you see ™ near the name, you know what I mean!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Raw Food Cooking Class in Sarasota, FL

This is not just a cooking class, this is an art of making nutrient-packed meal for your family and actually enjoying the taste of it! 

Would you like to incorporate more vegetarian options in your weekly diet but feel overwhelmed by the task?

Would you like to learn how easy it is to make a veggie burger that is actually yummy?

How about some Teriyaki almonds or Maple Pecans for your snack on the go?

These healthy yummy alternatives are easy to make at your home and they keep well in the fridge! My policy is only easy and yummy recipes. I like to eat well but I don’t have time for complicated ones!

It's a great class to learn how to use a dehydrator but we can work with the oven too!  

Email me to request a private workshop.  Please include the preferable date/time.  First 5 people to sign up will get 50% off your private workshop and a bonus… it doesn’t matter how many people you invite!

  • Q&A with Marina Sommers, AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Chef
  • Food we prepare together enjoyed by all participants
  • Quick meditation
 (grocery expense is not included)

Booking for October! Email me with any questions!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Health & Wellness in One Story Book

This is the book for your little ones if you'd like to encourage healthier lifestyle and nutrition in the family.

I've been waiting for this book to come out for a long time and finally I got a hold of it. It is one of those rear books that doesn't have direct or indirect advertisement of cookies, ice cream, pizza, etc. Why are these items in almost every book anyways?!

Instead Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden encourages outside play, love for veggies/fruits, gives kid-friendly explanation of why this or that food is good for you. Why you should eat celery? - Because it looks like your bones and it has all of the needed nutrition/food for your bones to grow strong and fast! Doesn't your kid want to be the strongest quickest runner?

Karen Leonetti, the author of the book, used to be my child's teacher at the Earth Angels Preschool (the names of the two main characters in the book) and I know she walks the talk. Her morning routine with the kids used to be making a "monster green" smoothie with the kids. They all loved the activity, it came just natural to them b/c of the daily encouragement and modeling from adults to the kids at home and at the school.  So needless to say, my daughter, when reading the book, was so excited to see a picture of the blender and of her familiar "green monster" smoothie!

As a bonus, there are a few easy recipes included in the book. You can make those with your little ones, they are simple and nutritious!

Follow Karen Leonetti and her nutritious book on her FB page and click the link above to buy the book.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Essential Oils for UTI Symptoms for a Child

This is just a quick post to help out other mommies, those who prefer essential oils to over-the counter-medications. It's my personal story that happened to me yesterday.

My daughter woke up with the symptoms of Urinary Track Infection. It hurt her a lot and she was crying from the pain. (She is almost 6 years old and is not used to any kind of pain in her small age.)   I sent her to school anyway hoping it will go away. However, the school nurse called me and told me that my daughter is in pain and I have to pick her up and probably go to a doctor. I really dislike medications at this point in life and try to avoid them unless I must. So this is what have helped us, I am so happy she is pain free in less then 24 hours!

Every time she went to the bathroom during the day, we washed her and applied 
2-3 drops of lavender essential oil and 
2-3 drops of tea tree oil directly on her private area. I did it every one or two hours during the day and every three hours during the night. Also, I added 
2 drops of frankincense oil for the night. Additionally, I put about 
15 drops of sandalwood oil and 
15 drops of eucalyptus oil on a warm wet wash cloth and applied to her lower part of belly when she slept so it stayed in place for at least an hour.

I was stressed out when she woke up b/c she refused to go to the bathroom before because of her pain. To my great surprise, she went and sqeezed a big smile. She said: "mommie it doesn't hurt me anymore!" And that's when she was completely symptom free!

If you try this recipe please share with us readers if it helped you too. Also please share any other natural remedies you know for UTI that are easy and quick.

If you would like to order these specific oils quickly you can go here.
If you would like to order the oils mentioned above at 25% discount, please contact me here.

Whenever purchasing essential oils, make sure they are pure (not diluted, no synthetic ingredients), therapeutic grade.  Make sure you know how to use them. If you need help figuring out which oils to use and when, contact me to schedule a free 30 min. consult where you can ask me any questions about applying aromatherapy in your home. Here is just an example of over-the-counter medications and what you can use in place of them.

P.S. I am not a doctor; any home remedy or advice you find on this blog are not meant to replace a consultation with your physician.  

Neuromuscular Massage in Sarasota

When was the last time you treated yourself to a good massage?  I think the best scenario should be at least one massage per month. So when was the last one for you?

Recently I received a neuromuscular massage from a very special person in my life - Joseph Greeley. Long time ago, Joe was the guy who introduced me to the concept of food as a medicine. He used to be my neighbor. He was the guy growing bookshelves full of sprouts every day and eating them. Ever since then, I was hooked on nutrition. This is when sunflower, the first sprout I tried, became my favorite and later has become the image of my health coaching practice.  Joe completed his education in neuromuscular massage therapy and currently taking clients.  He is also studying craniosacral therapy at the moment.

This is my personal testimonial about Joseph Greeley's neuromuscular massage:
As always, it was a very thoughtful, highly customized session with Joe. I felt like a special client and learned about existence of new muscles in my body and how they work.  Even though it was relaxing and didn't hurt at all at the moment of massage, next day I felt like I had a good long exercise a day before. This is what I call an excellent service!

If you have some pain in any part of your body, need to loosen up your muscles, or if you are looking for a lot more then just a Swedish massage, I highly recommend Joe. He is offering the best deal on the market for a limited time at your location!  Please contact him at 941-223-4560.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Save When Buying Essential Oils

How to save when buying essential oils, especially expensive blends? You know that a great quality is not cheap, right?

So.. How would you like to get one of the most expensive essential oil blends for free?

If you know about the quality of DoTerra essential oils, if you tested it yourself for smell and consistency, than you will appreciate this September 2013 offering below!

Immortelle is an anti-aging blend that is very expensive, $93!  To celebrate a record-breaking month, DoTerra is giving away this oil blend to those who buy at least 200 points worth of oils total during the period of September 1 - 30, 2013.  It's easy to do for those families who use the oils on regular basis.

Immortelle blend consists of rear essential oils, used throughout history for their beautifying benefits, it helps to reduce skin inflammation (major contributor to the aging process). Supporting skin health at the cellular level, this essential oil blend of frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, myrrh, helichrysum, and rose, helps sustain smoother, more radiant and youthful skin.

If you'd like to receive this expensive oil blend for free, then
  1. check out this flyer and 
  2. go to my DoTerra Nutritious You Website to order or 
  3. contact me to help you place your order here.