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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nutritious You Shop on Siesta Key

Our latest updates from the Nutritious You Shop!

✨ Nutritious You Shop & Ship section of the website has been updated, please check it out. All the products you see there are available for purchase and we ship anywhere in the continental USA.
✨ We added 3 bistro tables to our shop (one inside and two outside) so now you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch right here with us! ...finally!
✨ We are extending our hours of operations to 4 pm.

Please share your feedback with us and online (trip advisor, happy cow, yelp, and google) and let us know if you have any questions/suggestions:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nutritious You Programs

Tailored programs are offered to meet specific needs of an individual:
  • One Hour Initial Consultation $75. Offered in order to assess an individual's health goals/concerns and develop a plan to reach those goals. An individual program might be recommended after this meeting. One, two, or three recommendations would be given at this time. This consultation can be done in person, via phone, or skype/facetime.
  • One Week Cleanse & Renew $250. Includes: 
    • One hour initial consultation.
    • Three days worth of food supply (breakfast and dinner) made out of organic ingredients. 
    • Seven days mentoring and plan adjustment if needed over the phone, text.
    • A personal folder with detailed instructions, grocery list, recipes, and supplements suggestions. Next time you decide to detox, you won’t even need me!
    • Notebook for food journaling.
    • Note: For the best possible results, please give this experience 3 weeks following these steps:
      • 1. Schedule your initial consult
      • 2. Have one week of preparation
      • 3. One Week Cleanse & Renew program (3 days of cleanse and 4 days of smooth transition)
      • 4. At least one week of continuing transition back to your regular diet.
  • Three Months Health Makeover Program. This program can be done in person and over the phone or skype/facetime. It can be extended to another three months if you choose to. It includes:
    • One Hour Initial Consultation ($75) where we assess your health and wellness goals and determine if this program is right for you and if you would benefit working with me. One, two, or three recommendations would be given at this time. 
    • Six 50 minute sessions $450 where we meet bi-weekly to discuss your health goals/concerns, your progress and recommendations.
    • Mentoring of your progress and working together step-by-step on improving the areas of your greatest concern. Examples that will vary depending on your goals: preventative solutions, nutritional knowledge and healthy tips, energy levels improvement, digestive health, decreasing mild ailments, smart grocery shopping, nutritious cooking, healthier eating habits, de-junking your pantry, achieving the lifestyle you always imagined for yourself, healthy lunch box ideas, learning to read labels, learning new healthy foods, upgrading your medical cabinet with natural solutions, and more.
    • Mentor/accountability partner, available by email in between the sessions. 
    • Notes, handouts, CDs, books, food samples, and other materials. 
    • Highly customized approach where we adjust the direction of the program depending on your immediate needs. 
    • Bringing new healthier habits to your lifestyle, creating new daily routine. 
    • Discounted price for the groups of up to 5 people.
  • One Month Health Makeover Program is offered on limited bases. $75 for initial consult and $150 for the program.
  • Raw Food Workshops: 
    • Option 1. Half a day workshop (or workshop series) is available for groups of 3-10 people. It includes meditation, meal preparation, a nutrient packed branch with Q&A, a take-home binder with all the recipes included, and handouts. Available Monday through Friday. Please use contact form to request a specific day.
    • Option 2. Host raw food workshop at your home. Free for you. Five guests minimum (including one host).
All sessions start on time and end on time. The hour cannot be extended because a client is late. You will only get a full benefit from the sessions if you allow for a full 50 minutes scheduled time. You can reschedule your session at least 24 hours in advance so not to loose your session time.

The prices are subject to change without notice. To confirm your program/session, a payment and a signed agreement should be submitted a day before the meeting.

Nutritious You Production Process and Products Description

Nutritious You is a new product line of healthy snacks created by AADP certified health coach, Marina Sommers.  Marina’s original production goal was to fill a void in local food market offerings by creating a snack that was both healthy and tasty to her children.  Today, the mission of the Nutritious You team has evolved to provide nutrient-packed snacks to health-conscious consumers across the nation.

Nutritious You products list:

~ VeggiePulp crackers
~ SweetBeet crackers
~ Onion&Garlic crackers
~ CheezyKale chips
~ Rosemary Walnuts
~ Nutberry Mini Granola Bars
~ AlmondMaca Energy Balls
~ PeanutCacao Energy Balls
~ CacaoNib Macaroons
~ Fruit Leather Strips

Nutritious You products do not have: preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes, chemicalized ingredients, food-like products created in a lab, any kind of yucky stuff that our immune system doesn’t recognize!

Nutritious You Products have: high quality premium certified organic ingredients that come from the land, from our Earth. The only ingredient that is not certified organic is our fabulous Himalayan pink salt.

Production Process:
Nutritious You products are plant based. They are carefully handcrafted with love.  The production process combines high quality organic vegetables, seeds and nuts. We soak and grind most of our seeds and nuts for better digestibility (less anti-nutrients, more bio-availability). We use filtered, pH neutral-to-slightly alkaline water for soaking. The products are then dehydrated below 118 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve nature’s nutrients. It takes from 24 up to 48 hours for a cracker to turn into a crispy savory delight. The result is a high-fiber, nutrient-packed, raw and vegan product composed of 99% certified organic ingredients.

Yes, the process is lengthy but you are worth it! This is what makes our products so nutrient rich. As one of the well-known health experts, Dr. Joel Furhman puts it, “Eat foods that are rich in micronutrients!” Check out the first eight most nutrient-dense food groups here in his chart.

We love what we do. We create guilt-free yummy snacks and desserts for your pleasure and nourishment!

Today, Nutritious You products are well established in Sarasota, FL. Nutritious You is actively seeking retailers and distributors to expand to new markets.

What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? 

Is it Atkins? Is it Paleo? Is it vegetarian? Or is it a Gluten Free?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is one of the most respected experts in the health and wellness industry and the author of bestselling books on nutrition. He suggests consuming food groups that are rich in micronutrients.  When the body receives plenty of micronutrients, it starts to clean itself of a variety of ailments while getting all of the ingredients necessary for healthy operation. Additionally, it’s a great way to prevent nutrient deficiencies.  Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes.  When our diet is full of these, we don't have to worry about ailments. 

Macronutrients are also necessary for our survival. This includes proteins, fats, and carbs. You don’t have to worry about being deficient in macronutrients, per Dr. Furhman’s suggestion, as the foods that are rich in micronutrients already have an appropriate amount s of healthy fats, carbs, and proteins for us humans.

Here is a visual starting with the most nutrient-dense foods to the least:

Dr. Joel Furhman's Chart

Whatever diet you choose, stay away from refined sweets, even if the package says “All Natural” and “Gluten Free”!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nutritious You is Going to #EXPOEast !

An amazing event is coming up for #NutritiousYou #HealthySnacks. The countdown begins today and it's getting more exciting as we start packaging the boxes to be shipped to Baltimore!

ExpoEast is a huge trade show for natural products of all sorts starting with healthy snacks and ending with supplements, body care, and eco-friendly anything. It is my kind of paradise.

Last year, I went there as a visitor and had a blast. I saw amazing people that are a driving force in the natural industry. This year, while I won't be able to roam around too much, I am excited to be presenting my product line. If you are going to the event, please stop by our booth #8228 to say hello and to taste our snacks. We will be presenting 4 products this time:

~VeggiePulp crackers, made out of mainly carrot pulp and some amazing spices
~SweetBeet crackers, made mainly from beets, for those with sweet tooth
~CheezyKale chips, cheesy but dairy free
~Rosemary Walnuts, full of healthy oils and savory flavor.

Nutritious You Snacks are:

~ Gluten Free
~ 99% Organic
~ No preservatives
~ No chemicalized artificial dyes/food colors
~ No yucky stuff!
~ Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients
~ Raw & Vegan

Please use the contact tab for any questions.

Brand new website is coming up soon where you will be able to order all of these products
anywhere in the United States!!!

For now...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raw Food Workshop in Sarasota, FL

Brand New Workshop Series in Sarasota, FL! 
New Year, New Recipes! 

You asked, I listened. Instead of one, I am offering four workshops in a row this year! 
Sign up for all four and safe $60!
These are the only workshops I am planning in 2014. 

* * *

Increase amount of life-force giving recipes in your kitchen. Get comfortable with new healthy ingredients and start using them on daily basis. Enrich your plate with nutrient-packed and YUMMY food!

REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY 27, 2014 !!! Only 10 people per class, on first come first serve basis. To register go to:

Sneak Peek:

February 1: Valentine’s Special.
Impress your honey with an exquisite dinner! Featured recipe – tiramisu cheesecake.

February 22: Intro to Dehydrators.
Learn how to make a popular item on the Veg restaurant’s menu. Featured recipe – spinach tortilla and its versatile uses at home.

March 8: Uncooking with Essential Oils
Enhance the flavor with therapeutic grade oils. Featured Recipe – pizza.

March 29 My Favorite Recipes!
Sharing the love of my favorite recipes and learning how to use a rice paper. Featured Recipe – Vietnamese Soft Roll.