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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Becoming Raw, Tip 3

Is Raw Boring?

or How to switch to healthy eating..

A few friends asked me, "Are you trying to stay on a raw meal only? Are you kidding?" Unfortunately, living on just veggies, fruits, nuts is not appealing to many of us in mainstream society. For many, it suggests a very boring lifestyle. What is your opinion about it? Please comment!

Here are some ideas to make it more appealing:

First, get into it and make it a goal to learn about one new raw/vegan ingredient a week. You will be amazed how many things you didn't notice before in a grocery store. For instance, I had to learn about tahini for one of the recipes I got online. Turns out it's a very tasty ingredient (sesame paste) and I knew nothing about it as we never used it in my family. These days, it's easy to get a recipe online to learn what you can do with your new ingredient.

Second, if you don't like to eat a lot of veggies, make a juice out of them and drink it. You'll have at least 5 different veggies in your cup and save time and effort since you won't have to be chewing all of those veggies. Just make sure to buy variety of greens.

I personally love juicing. Often in the morning I am thirsty for my juice. Imaging the "REJUVINATION" word, ... literally.... how it sinks into your brain, veins, and the whole body slowly and surely. This is what I feel every morning when I drink that glass of veggie juice. You can put any veggies in your juice, but don't stick with the same thing - variety is better as it gives you different vitamins and minerals, antioixidants and enzymes. Experiment with those green leaves that you saw on the shelves of your store but never bought. Drink it right after juicing as enzymes don't live long. In total, you get to eat about 5 pieces of whole veggies and you don't have to chew any of it, just drink it up an!

Finally, make it a goal whenever you put a meal in your plate to ensure 70% of it is fresh vegetables! At least make it a point to increase amount of veggies on a plate. Imaging that every time yo put those veggies on your plate, someone gives you $1000, be persistent.

Here is a juice sample from my kitchen:
One piece of some of the following vegetables (carrot, celery, dill, asparagus, cauliflower, green leaves, pepper of any color, watermelon, wheatgrass, parsley) and a slice of beet, lime or lemon with skin. I even tried a slice of onion and garlic once and you can't even taste it in this mix. If you put a few tomatoes in there it will taste like Virgin Mary.


  1. Great post. I agree,strive to make 70% of your meal raw. But if you only manage 50% that is still 50% more raw than before. Eventually your raw food will replace most of your cooked.

    BTW - Great Blog. Lots of good tips and ideas here for people starting out.

  2. Thank you Ken, I appreciate it..:)
    I agree. If people just incorporated freshly sqeezed juice in their diet it would make them at least around 30% raw..