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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

70 x 30 Rule or Becoming Raw, Tip 1

70 x 30 Rule

You can probably find a lot of raw tips online, but I'd like to give you the simple formula that I talked about earlier, not once, in my previous articles. I just want to emphasize it!

People tend to think that you have to have a rigid diet and not enjoy your life at all if you want to become raw. NO! You can start by 70x30 rule and be on it for 3 weeks and see if you like it. I invented it for myself to create some kind of a system in my daily routine.

I will keep saying it over and over again until everyone realizes how IMPORTANT this information is, that almost 70% of our human bodies consist of liquids! REMEMBER IT and repeat it every day, every night, and every time you sit down to have your meal.

Once you realize it, it will be just obvious for you, that in order for your body to function well and strive on earth, you have to feed it with 70% of liquids! This is not tap water,  it's liquids full of vitamins and minerals needed for our biological survival, our chemical body works. Where in the nature you can find those liquids?  The only adequate meal for you made by nature many centuries ago is the one that consists of 70% of veggies on your plate - this is your nutritional liquid.  Then you can eat everything you want as this is your raw beginning, but I would try to refrain from highly processed foods and sugars.  I know it maybe too much to ask in the beginning, but if you can have 70% of veriety of veggies on your plate + 30% of things you can't give up yet, it's a win for you.  70% of liquids for your body on daily basis is as obvious as an oil for your car. You don't put diesel where oil should go so why put a dry, highly processed stuff where variety of veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds should go?

I'm sure by the end of a 2nd week, your taste buds will become more sensitive and you'll start appreciating the veggies much more and their taste will suddenly become more meaty. Yes, meaty if you can believe it. This is what I've experienced after a few weeks on this 70x30 diet.  I realized that I started to enjoy smaller meals too.

Eating veggies may take some planning as some people are just not used to it. Just push yourself over your boundaries, cut them up to small pieces and through them in a zippy log and bring them to your office.  I used to have variety of cookies under my desk at some point in my life. Now you can find zip logs of carrots, dry mangos, or plain almond nuts in my purse and I eat them when on the go since I have no other choices in my purse. This is what you should do. To your healthy living!

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