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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am promoting raw meals eating, 
but there is not a chance I'll ever promote raw meat or fish!

I saw my friend’s facebook’s note that she had sushi that night and it reminded me what I heard about raw sushi from one lady at the Dr. Clement’s talk. We started chatting and she told me about the Hippocrates Institute program and how Dr. Maria Clement takes a complex blood test and can basically tell you your “bio” from it. For instance, she told this lady that she had an injury 5 years ago, just from her blood test! She also told her that horrible things may happen to you if you eat raw fish/ meat from a not legitimate place. I am sorry my sushi lovers (I am a sushi lover myself and digging into a dangerous area) but this blog is meant to bring healthy eating awareness to you and to all my friends and family so whatever I find out – I’ll post it here.

My huge mistake was to start writing this article during my dinner. It was one of the rare opportunities when I was home absolutely alone.. Well,  things that started popping up were not so appetizing so I’ll finish my dinner first…

It's been a week and I still feel disgusted from the photos I've found online. I am going to take a different approach in this article and not write up on everything I find. Instead, I'm going to ask you to goggle "sushi and tapeworms" and you'll understand what I mean. I am not going to even post any pictures here because I don't want you to hate me!  I guess you have nothing to worry about if you go to reputable places. Sushi is a national meal of Japan so they know how to cook it right. However, the internet is full of the articles and images on how raw fish can be contaminated by parasites and bacteria.  The ABC News atrticle says: "The parasite sucks the vitamin B12, and the person with the parasite does not have enough," said Cabello. "This is a worm that can reach 25 feet and it might take months, a year to grow."  So, it can live in a human body and create all sorts of inconveniences from simple headache to stomachache, planting eggs in your body or brain, or filling nauseous, or simply a trip to an ER and the surgery.
We don't have any statistics on how many people fall ill from the tapeworm in the U.S. but there is at least 2000 people in Japan a year that sick medical attention.
With that said, I think we need to be aware of the issue and eat only in reputable places.  I'm pretty sure that major grocery stores cut out any of contaminated areas of meats and present us with healthy meals as they don't want to get into troubles with their customers. This reminds me to wash my fruits and veggies extra well too especially if bought from not my usual vendors... Who knows what was sitting on it a few days ago??

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