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Friday, January 8, 2010

Supplements from Dr Clement

Dr. Brian Clement's talk in Sarasota

Well, this is what gets me excited and encouraged to keep on my healthy pass. Invigorated again by another talk in town I've learned some interesting facts that are actually eye opening! Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Institute, talked about food supplements and their nutritional reality.

Some facts:
  • A vitamin term was discovered only in 1912! In 1906, English biochemist Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins also discovered that certain food factors were important to health. In 1912, Polish scientist Cashmir Funk named the special nutritional parts of food as a "vitamine" after "vita" meaning life and "amine" from compounds found in the thiamine he isolated from rice husks. Vitamine was later shortened to vitamin. Together, Hopkins and Funk formulated the vitamin hypothesis of deficiency disease - that a lack of vitamins could make you sick.
  • Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be artificially synthesized in 1935 by a Swiss Technocal Insitute and quickly put to market. It was much much much much cheaper to create it than the vitamin C from the natural souse. From then on, all the vitamins started to be synthesized one by one and by the 50s, there was a boost of supplement marketing compains in the U.S.. This was the time when multivitamins supplements were intriduced to the market. Nowadays, it's hard to meet a family who doesn't take any supplements with their diet. Dr. Clement suggest to watch what you put in your body, better yet switch from supplements to vegan diet instead, he believes our biological structure strives only if no animal products/proccesed products are used. Our bodies were designed to get nutrition from real food not synthetic processed 'food'.
  • Health Food Stores came to market in the 40s - 50s and to this day at least 80% of them contain synthetic vitamins. Dr. Clement insists such vitamins are not nutritional.
A few more random facts I have learned from the lecture:
  • 92% of American soil doesn't have any nutrients 
  • a farm's soil have to be at least 10 % organic to qualify for "organic" 
  • chemical supplements light up in your body thru microscope 
  • synthetic nutrients don't absorb 
  • don't get a B12 shot from your local alternative doctor. It doesn't give you any good supplement as it's synthetic but big amount of it can create an addiction 
  • 93% of people treated from cancer will die from cancer proving that chemo and radiation are not affective and kills the human body 
You can learn more from Dr. Clement and his wonderful Hippocrates institute here: The program lasts for 1 to 3 weeks and it's expensive, but anyone who went there highly recommends it. There are even many cases of cancer patients that were healed after 3 weeks by applying customized natural nutritions and having a strict raw/vegan diet. Dr.Clement's wife is a co-owner of the institute and she takes the blood test and other tests and prescribes the course for you..

To Your Health!


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