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Monday, August 6, 2012

3-Day Cleanse

Two of my clients recently completed a 3-day cleanse with 4 days of slow transition back to normal. It was mainly based on raw juices and green smoothies. They lost at least 12 lbs combined in 7 days, although weight loss wasn’t their primary goal.

With each cleanse, I determine what ingredients work best for each client after I conduct a health history session with you. It is a 40-50 minute conversation and a good way to find out if we can work together. After that, we set up a date for your cleanse. If you are local, I supply you with all the meals you need (ingredients, etc.) - take a break from your kitchen! If we live in different cities, I supply you with the instructions and a list of ingredients to buy. There is nothing harsh about this cleanse. The goal is to provide a break for your organs a short period of rest for your cells, blood, liver, pancreas, kidney, intestines, etc.

The modern Western diet is notoriously acidic, while our human body is mainly alkaline. We have to consume at least 70% of foods that create alkalinity in our body, one of the staples of remaining in a healthy state. However, living in a rushed industrialized world, we eat the foods that create acidity, which is straining and congesting, and represses the body’s normal work year after year after year.  So, the goal is to send your liver on a small alkaline vacation and see how you like it. I bet you, you'll want to do it again! I also use this cleanse to kick off my 6 months program when we work together on achieving your health and lifestyle goals. This is a complete transformation I am talking about but it needs a separate blog entry!

Alkaline Foods Chart for Your Reference:

Do you get stressed? Do you drink coffee or alcohol? Do you love pizza, chips, crackers, or pasta? Do you consume animal products like meat, milk, or butter? Those are just a few examples of foods that create acidity in the human body and if you consume those, you need a break from those foods at LEAST twice a year.

During this relaxing state your cells don’t eat much and, therefore, have time and energy to focus on repair. They clean up all the toxic fat and buildup around them. Regularly, we spend at least 50% of our energy on digesting our food. This detox program provides nutrient-dense food that does not require much work to digest so our energy goes into repairing mode. Our magical biological body naturally strives to clean up and repair and detox. We just need to give it a chance.

Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to set up our health history session with you and determine if the 3-day cleanse is for you :

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