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Monday, November 9, 2009


I caught a cold that started with nasty fever at night and I was debating whether to take a medicine or not since I am on a healthy path for almost a month. I did take it to safe my hubby some sleep in between crazy work days but only once that night, when I was shaking in a cold. Now since I’ve developed so much awareness of what I am taking in, how do I heal myself? I read somewhere that even if you are cleansing your body system regularly and staying on 100% raw food for years you still have large leftovers of chemicals in your body from medicine you took in the past. Should we care about it? I don’t know yet. All I know is the less you know, the more you sleep! it’s been always the case with or without medicine. You get a fever and high temperature; then, in 1-2 days you get a “dry” cough; then, on a 3rd day it turns into “wet” cough, and then all goes away by day 5.

* * * *

It’s been almost a month!

My experiment is taking different turns. Someone told me that I’ve got sickness because of my change in diet, b/c I don’t get enough vitamins and my immune systems is weak now. Well, there is no prove to it yet. I am taking raw multivitamins when I don’t forget, besides what about all the stuff I get from the veggie juice every morning? We will see in time. Besides the cold, I would recommend to all to try this lifestyle. Everyone BUY A GREAT JUICER and use it every day. Start your day from a freshly squeezed veggie juice. You can do fruits too. Fruits too sweet for my taste in the morning. I had a watermelon juice today and it was too sweet but many people love it..

Strangely enough, I am not loosing any weight anymore, even though cheating much less. For instance, I don’t even want meet anymore. I may have a bite of fish or chicken if it’s extremely tasty just to try. An I haven’t had a cookie for so long! Os so proud of myself :) only granola bars if in real need..

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