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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sodium Benzoate

The truth about the preservative
Sodium Benzoate

The seemingly safe preservative Sodium Benzoate is added to lot of foods like sodas, vinegar, fruit juice, salad dressings, wine and pickles. When combined with ascorbic acid or vitamin C, it can form the chemical Benzene (benzol), a highly carcinogenic substance exposure to which can lead to serious health effects.

Some fruit juice brands claim to have high amounts of antioxidants in their juices while using sodium benzoate as a preservative. While those antioxidants help to protect human cells from the damage done by free radicals (molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage, and other diseases), sodium benzoate (in conjunction with the fruits' vitamin C) does the exact opposite. It creates Benzene that damages human cells and creates various health risks. The risks include inflammation processes that eventually lead to damaging DNA and cell processes, degenerative diseases, etc.

Sodium Benzoate is on the list of unacceptable ingredients for food in Whole Foods Markets

Excerpt from
"ALL moist or liquid processed foods have chemicals in them for preservation. These preservatives when combined with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may damage your health permanently"

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Read your food's ingredients list!


  1. I was just drinking my pop and saw all the stuff in it and i cant belive what i was drinking for the past 13 years. Ty! I wouldnt of known this was so bad! Someone needs to do something about it

  2. Thank you for your comment! I was shocked myself when I first found out. Now, I do read ingredients all the time when grocery shopping..