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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing Sprouts

Growing Sprouts is really easy! And the benefits are immeasurable because you are dealing with a power house of vitamins and minerals. The sprouts are bursting with nutrients as they are getting ready to grow into a big plant and need a lot of energy to do so.

Here is what you do. You go to a local natural store, an organic farm or home depot and buy a flat tray with wholes on the bottom, organic soil and the sprouting seeds.  If you are a beginner, you should buy wheatgrass sprouting seeds kit online (real easy to grow) and the sunflower seeds (relly tasty sprouts). In my case, I buy them either in the Granary Store near the Siesta Key or online.

Rinse them up, and leave them in the water for the night or for 8 hours. Rinse them in the morning, get out of the water, and leave them in the same container, wet and covered with a wet paper towel. In that wet environment they'll have a nice germination start, this is when they come out of they dormitory state and become live!. You can start using them now. Keep them in that container and use them in salads, snacks, or other meals as the time goes. Keep them in the fridge once the germination process started so they are growing slowly for you, but no longer then for a week.
You can also spread the sprouts out in a tray with soil after a few days (once they started to have a tiny tail) and they will start looking like the ones on the picture. The sprouting seed bags usually come with instructions on when they are ready to be harvested into your delicious green juices or for your salad. Usually the size varies from 2 to 5 inches.

You should put a little less seeds together then the amount on my pictures.  These are the pictures of my very first sprouts and they look a little bit too crouded. They need more room to grow.

Here are my green pea sprouts and I have a great recipe with them as the main ingredient, I'll have to post it next time.

Germination is the process in which a seed or spore emerges from a period of dormancy, when the seed starts to open up and grow. It is when it becomes a nutritious power house. Before that, it doesn't have much value except for the future potential :)..

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