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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sugarless Cookies

It’s very easy to fall out of this raw/vegan routine, you don’t even notice it sometime. Then suddenly you have either bloated belly or just feeling full and heavy and the # on the scale starts growing.

So what went wrong?   I went through my pantry and all the shelves and looked for items I was munching on in the last few days.   First of all, I forgot that 70% of my diet should be liquidy as we humans consist of 70% of liquids.  It’s nice to have a veggie juice every morning, but there should be at least a salad every day and every night and more water to drink or better fruits or some nutritional drinks/juices (of course they may only contain natural sugar!).  So I haven’t done enough of all of the above. In addition I noticed a pack of sugarless almond cookies that I got in the Whole Foods. That was the real reason that blocked my renewed food processing inside my body. I was eating one cookie a day lying to myself that it’s OK to eat one a day.  Result was constipation and heaviness. So, please don’t be blind by the sugarless cookies. They are processed, nutrition-free, and high in calories and do no good to you!  Now, someone please come over to my house and eat the rest of them so I don’t have to look at them anymore.   Additionally, several drinks over the weekend didn’t help.   Now raw or vegan person would respect me for having a drink here and there, but trust me, I am having much less of what I am used to. So it’s already a big improvement on my part. 


  1. Hi Marina, it's me Joanna! Hope you are well. I loved reading your blog and I'm impressed with your endeavor. I went dairy free because Irene is allergic to dairy, and I felt so much better. A few times I've cheated and had something made with dairy and felt not so great after. I want to watch a film called Food Inc. Supposedly it will make you go vegetarian. Anyway, I can't go raw but MAYBE I could start with a juicer like you mention. Keep up the good work! Hi to Ken and Katya for me!
    PS - there's a really good RAW restaurant in the North End!

  2. you still have the cookies? I'll take them :)))

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