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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is Your Water Clean?

Water Important!
Do you drink enough water daily? Do you drink clean water?
Do you know that we consist of almost 70% of water meanwhile 75% Americans are chronically dehydrated?

After air (oxygen), water is the most important element for our survival. We can live for almost 2 months without food, but going without water for even a few days is close to impossible, human body can only survive for up to 5 days. Our most crucial 3 organs that keep us alive are brain, heart, and blood. They consist of mainly water and when we get dehydrated they suck all the juices from other organs. We can survive without a strong bone structure, without a kidney, or with dry wrinkly skin, but we cannot survive if one of the crucial organs has any deficiency. To maintain our body in efficient healthy state, drinking enough water is a must.

How much water to drink?
This is how you can calculate how much water you should drink a day:
Your Weight / 2 = amnt of oz a day. Example: 124lbs / 2 = 62oz = 8 cups each day.
This is an approximate number, one should make adjustment when sweating, exercising, in hot/cold climate, etc.

In my culture, we grew up not drinking enough water. I had to literally put it in my calendar when to refill a bottle to get used to drinking enough. Nowadays, you can buy a scale that will measure a level of your hydration. If it is above 60, then you are in pretty good shape.

Is your water clean?
My parents live in Sarasota, FL and they just had a service come in to their house to check on contamination of their water. The service guy took samples of their pool and tap water and did testing on them. Turned out to my dad’s horror that the pool water had less chlorine then the tap! My dad is a maintenance pro and takes care of his pool on weekly basis. I see him put some chemicals in the pool which looks disturbing when you realize what it takes to have a clean healthy pool. However, the crazy part was the test showed that the tap water had more chlorine then the pool water! Also acceptable contamination levels of the tap water should be 50 or below. My parents’ tap water contamination was 342! Imagine that it also penetrates into our body through skin when we take a shower or bath. ..One of the sad drawbacks of modern world…

I always wanted to check on the quality of the water in my home but never made an effort to actually find a local service. I am so glad my parents’ incident inspired me to actually do it. I just googled a local service to schedule an appointment. You should do too!

Stay tuned for updates on my tap water contamination!
If you had your water tested, please share the results with us, readers!


What a shame! I requested a free water service from They didn't show up and didn't tell me that they would not. The receptionist explained that in order for them to conduct the test the owner of the house has to be present. Understand, they wouldn't be able to sell me their water systems if I am not the owner.


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