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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Power of Fast Food

The power of fast food... To kill! After all, not even live organisms like bacteria or mold want to eat it.

Here is my story. One evening in September of 2010, I invited people over to my house for a nutritional seminar. My husband came back home from work with a bag of food. He knew I didn't have time to prepare dinner that day and stopped by a fast food restaurant. By then we had been a nutritionally aware family and primarily ate minimally processed food prepared at home from scratch. I don’t know what got into my husband’s head! I scoffed at my poor hubby and we shuffled the bag into a high up cabinet so our guests who arrived to learn about nutrition wouldn’t see it! :) We completely forgot about that bag until half a year later when I was cleaning the kitchen. I discovered this sandwich below!!

I imagine a meeting at some big corporation where managers and scientists brainstorm on how to create a product that will sit on a shelf for ages and be attractive looking. Well this sandwich is a success story! It is turning 2 in September 2012 and it is older than my son! It still looks unspoiled. I'll give him a name Scary Bite. I'll celebrate it's birthday on this blog. Stop by and wish him well.

P.S. I just created him a twitter acct @ScaryBite follow him!

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