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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Juicing with Toddler or Becoming Raw, Tip 4

My toddler is not into raw. In fact, she is a regular picky 2.5 year old. Thankfully, she loves fruits. However, I am always thinking how to make her interested in raw veggies. The problem is that whenever there is a birthday party or family gathering she is always exposed to a cake, ice cream, or cookies. If she forgot her first bite of cake when she turned one, she surely remembers everything now at this age and veggies are not the first thing she desires when hungry. Does it sound like your toddler too? If it does, please share how you make veggies attractive for your kids. Here is what works for us. 

Juicing with a Toddler or Becoming Raw, Tip 4

We created a ritual at home of making a fresh juice together - great bonding experience. Toddlers love repetition and she gets excited when I get the juicer out. All the moving mechanisms and the whole process is also pretty cool from a toddler’s eye. You can see it in the video how much she owns the juicing process these days : )

Even though she doesn't always eat her veggies on her plate, she will happily taste every piece of it and some times even more during juicing. She was so impressed by this large carrot, that she even drank half of my juice. We shared for dinner that juice (1 large carrot, 2 calary pieces, 1 large zuchinni, 2 slices of lemon with the skin, and a little bit of parsley ), avocado straight from the fruit (scooping out avocado with the spoon was fun for my toddler), and a piece of whole grain bread with cheese spread.

Now I have to figure out how to get her drink green juices and smoothies.  

Update: 10/16/2012

Well, we have been drinking green smoothies on daily basis for more then a year now. My daughter is 5 now.  Whatever we model as parents, the kids adopt to it and take it as a family tradition. It's not too late to improve your daily habits! Start today or if you don't know how, I will help you, just message me!


  1. Hi Marina, Have you tried SnapPeas with her??? Jacob LOVES them. He also like the 'mini baby' carrots. I will have to try juicing with him too.

  2. I actually thought you were talking about green peas that she doesn't care about. I did try Snap Peas last summer straight from the garden (in Russia) and she loved them. I totally forgot! Thank you, Michelle :) where do you buy them?