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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Health Puzzles? Try Iridology!

See the cause in the iris of your eye...

Iridology is the Master science of tissue analysis, that studies markings in the Iris of the eye, like colors and density and their correlation with the specific health problems. 

Isn't it amazing to see how your kidney, heart, prostate or ovary doing? Or why you always feel out of energy? Take a note of your body pointers! Your Eyes are talking to you!

Add to this that your Iris reflects inherent weaknesses and strengths of three generations before you! Just remember - genetics is only "potential" not "deterministic"! Whether you develop your predispositions or correct them - it's your call! 

Take charge of your health! Pass the best health to the three generations behind you! Eat more alkaline food and stay happy! Love, joy and laughter are alkaline too!

Irina Kouchnir, L.E., B.S., Certified Iridologist is practicing esthetics at Siesta Key Massage offering unique facial massages. Her other services include Oriental face reading and Iridology - astonishing science! Irina encourages private sessions and group presentations to introduce Iridology to Sarasota area. You can reach Irina at 941-351-8900 

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  1. You may find these three newer clinical studies in iridology very interesting relating the pancreas detection of diabetes:

    Journal Article: Learning to predict diabetes from iris image analysis:

    Journal Article: Early Detection on the Condition of Pancreas Organ as the Cause of Diabetes Mellitus by Real Time Iris Image Processing:

    Journal Article: Abnormal condition detection of pancreatic Beta-cells as the cause of Diabetes Mellitus based on iris image: