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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GMO Truth Revealed!

Some of us are still questioning if we should be worried about the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods. You will be SHOCKED, wide eyed, and well educated on the subject by watching this brand new movie: "Genetic Roulette".  I thought GMO was harmful but I didn't realize to what extend! There will be no questions in your mind that you have to switch to organic food immediately.  Thank God for this movie and for Jeffrey Smith of Institute for Responsible Technology who created it. It is packed with all kinds of data, scientific, and political information. Everything you want to know to make your smart choices for yourself and for your future generation. 

The full movie is available here for a limited time until September 22. You can read a full article from Dr. Mercola, recup of the movie.

Grocery Shopping Tip: when shopping, avoid non-organic soy products (soy protein, soy protein isolate, soy souce, tofu, and soy baby formula),  canola oil, sugar (except for cane sugar), sugar beets, cottonseed oil, tamari, Hawaiian and Chinese papaya, zucchini, corn, alfalfa, yellow Crookneck squash,  aspartame, and milk that may have rBGH. 

I do mostly buy organic food, "all natural", and/or local. However one thing I love is Starbucks Cappuccino and it bothers me that even though this cup of coffee is so expensive, it is still a non-organic option. After this movie I don't know if I can ever buy it again. Once you learn about rBGH, you will understand my concern as a woman.. For now, I just make my own coffee at home with ingredients I trust!

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