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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Not Too Sweet Smoothie

If you don't like your smoothie too sweet here is one I made this morning and since it is Sunday I had time to share. When you are making smoothies, I believe it is important not to make it too sweet. Sugar from fruits is still sugar and it also becomes glucose in your body that spikes your insulin. It's good to use the fruits to offset a bitter teste of greens sometimes but I do not recommend fruit only smoothies. Greens should be your main focus and make it colorful!

Not So Sweet Smoothie:

- a half of Florida avocado
- a handful of black grapes
- 2 red plums
- 2 basil leaves
- a handful of baby spring mix
- 1 tsp fish oil
- 8-12 oz juice of Florida coconut. Just picked it up from the Siesta Key palm tree!
- 3 ice cubes

Makes two glasses..

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