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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food Breakdown

Food Breakdown from Matt Monarch
and his tips on how to start a Raw Food Diet

  1. Processed Starches (Bread, pastries, cereal, pasta)
  2. Refined Sugar (cake, soda, candy, ice cream)
  3. Dairy
  4. Animal Protein
  5. Raw Foods
  6. Stimulants (Coffee, Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol)
Which of these food groups should be eliminated completely from yur diet first? If you were talking from a moral standpoint, animal protein would be the first choice, because all life is sacred. From a scientific standpoint, however, animal protein would be the last group I would eliminate.


Take for example the diet of a vegetarian. A vegetarian who eats freely of “meatless junk food,” processed sugars and starches, yet eliminates meat, is nowhere near the caliber of a Raw Food Eater or a mindful moderate meat eater. The order of total elimination from the diet is first: stimulants, second: processed starches, and third: refined sugar. That is a huge secret. If you can leave out these three groups you are on your way. You can get a book by Dr. Norman Walker, called Become Younger, which discusses in detail the harmful effects that these foods cause to the body. Since reading that book, I haven’t ingested anything but live raw foods. He also discusses the harmful effects of cow’s milk, pasteurized dairy products, red meat, etc.

What are some quick tips or hints for Raw newbies?

Let’s say that you are one of the rare cases that actually eliminates everything except for Raw Foods from your diet. Inevitably, the famous “detox” starts to happen. Your body on a cellular level begins to dump endogenous material and toxins into your blood stream. What your diet was like in the past, your age, etc., will determine the outcome of how harsh the detox will be. Not only do we have to deal with all the age-old waste matter being released from our system, we also have to deal with our day-to-day burden of environmental toxicity, cell metabolism, digestion, and maybe even what our parents did. Those that don’t realize what is happening usually blame the diet and either quit or cheat with some cooked foods. Feeling the effects of detox can sometimes last years. I have found the best way to keep up with all this waste matter is colonics. I jumped from the Standard American Diet into a Raw Diet overnight. If it wasn’t for colonics, I don’t think I would have been able to stay Raw. Colonics are especially beneficial for someone committed to improving his or her diet indefinitely. Imagine that you are on the Standard American Diet and you decide to improve your diet for a week. No more greasy foods and junk foods. After that junk free week, you eat a couple slices of pizza. Because you have been eating so well, you’ll probably feel ill and get a stomachache. A colonic would most likely clear that right up. If you were to eat the pizza again after doing that colonic, you may even get more sick then before, because you are even cleaner now then the first time you ate the pizza. This yo-yoing between really good and poor diet can prove to be harmful. Raw Spirit gives more explanation about why it is better to move gradually and consistently, or not at all.

Colonics are powerful healing aids and can catapult your body to the next level. Your body will be free of waste buildup, allowing it to work on deeper levels of healing like your internal chemistry. If you returned to the Standard American Diet, you would eventually end up right back where you started.

Waste removal is crucial for ultimate health. Most people look at me and estimate my age as early 20s, when in fact I am almost 31 years old. I owe my youth and glow to colonics, leaving things out of my diet completely, and drinking green vegetable juices. Drinking vegetable juice is very important. Not only does it provide us the best nourishment by giving us vitamins and minerals in the most soluble, easily absorbed form, it also acts as a powerful alkalizer. It helps alkalize the acidic endogenous material being released into our blood. If you combine a Raw Food Diet, colonics, and vegetable juices, your body will immediately respond with astonishing results.

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