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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Healthy Kid Birthday

My daughter just turned five years old and we planned our traditional water park party. I was excited to offer a Birthday menu “make over” to our guests featuring healthier options. We avoided pizza, cake and soda this time! Not like we ever had soda for the kids, but we did have our usual chicken nuggets and very bright and colorful cakes every year. They were beautiful but at this point I cannot imagine feeding my daughter all those artificial colors and additives. If we don’t want to eat it why should our guests! 

So this is how our cakes used to look:    . pretty but ewww..


And this is what we had this time: chicken and steak kebabs, platters of fruits and vegetables, a platter of shrimp with souse, raw cupcakes and organic ice cream. Even though it wasn’t everyone’s favorite pizza, the food was still a hit and we had absolutely no leftovers left! 

raw cupcakes for kids and adults. no sugar/artificial anything used.
Some of the ingredients are apples, honey, coconut oil.

This story is just an example of how to stay consistent with your child once you move him/her to a clean diet. We have changed to a free of chemicals/preservatives/artificial flavors/highly processed foods diet on 1/1/2012 and never looked back. Number One rule with kids is to stay consistent!

If you are struggling with finding healthier easy to prepare food choices for your kids, I am here to help you. My passion is working with busy moms to help them create a healthier next generation. With my formal education from the NYC Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am ready to help you incorporate healthier options into your daily life. You and your children will benefit from healthier birthdays without birthday hangover from all that nasty dye and sugar laden traditional birthday food. You will become less stressed about what to put in your kids’ lunch box. New food that gives more energy and less crashes and cravings. My daughter knows that she has a different food in her lunch box from the majority in her classroom and she made peace with it. She knows this is what she needs to grow up to become a healthy strong individual and I reinforce it every day in a way that makes her  comfortable. I’d like to work with you to incorporate it into your daily life. Feel free to ask me any questions about my program and how it works. It doesn’t matter where you are located, just reach out and ask! 


Grim statistics:
According to CDC, of all the kids born after 2000, every 3rd will have type 2 diabetes. 
And if you are African, Hispanic, or Native American, every other child will get type 2 diabetes.

If we don't change our habits today we may start outliving our children in the future!

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