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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I hope you had a nice day with your loved and loving ones!

I’ve been getting mentally ready for this day for a long time. In fact, I was considering starting my healthy diet in January of 2010 after all the holidays. I am glad I didn't wait until then. It turned out easier then I expected.   First of all, a human body gets used to changes way too quickly. Eating veggies now is much more appealing to me than it used to be. Their taste seems meatier and better.  No, I wasn’t perfect, I still had some white wine, a little bit of turkey, and some dessert (I hate myself for eating ice scream since it’s a pure sugar which is addictive). I am not perfect and I will never be able to become 100% raw foodist.  However, I ate much less than the usual turkey day and that is exciting!

One of the tricks is to plan your snacks ahead and come up with the veggie ideas. For instance, in addition to veggie platter we had an avocado/salsa mix, raw green pea sprouts veggie spread and much less cheese variety compare to previous years.  Make sure to get creative with your dinner salad – the tastier it is the more you’ll focus on it instead of processed starches or meat or full of sugar cranberry souse.  It’s always nice to add some fresh or dry fruits and nuts in there.

One of the highlights was baked potato in the oven. I didn’t even put any oil or butter in there. There was a tiny layer of onions, a layer of potato slices, and green beans layer on top. Put some almond or soy milk so it doesn't stick to the pot and add some rosemary and dill or parsley half way thru. You may add some cheese too but it won’t be vegan anymore. this is how it looked before the oven:

 The other highlight were figs stuffed with raw almond butter and covered in coconut flakes. Really good! The picture is on the left.

My Weight Loss turned into a weight gain, unfortunately! I lost 5 lbs in 1.5 months and gained 2 lbs in 1.5 days.  Feeling disgusting from all the eating and drinking! Back to my Healthy Living starting now!

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