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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Future of Food

"The choices we make at the supermarket
determine the future of our food" 
- "The Future of Food" movie
 Director: Deborah Garcia.

I highly recommend watching it
to increase the awareness of food quality we buy on daily basis.

My grocery trips are longer because I made it a tradition to read the ingredients. For example, I was in the grocery store searching for ricotta cheese without a strange name  in the ingredients list.  All the brands had carbon dioxide as an ingredient so I didn't buy it.  I couldn't find online on carbon dioxide in food but so far I know it is the same gas that comes out of our cars, CO2. It's also used in sodas and beer to make it fizzy. One person argued that it's good for you, but I am still puzzled. If you know of a helpful article about the subject please let me know. Another example is bread. The whole bread isle (at least 50 kinds of bread) in my grocery store contained preservatives.  I had to make an extra trip to a local bakery.

This is just an example to show why we cannot allow ourselves mindless shopping if we care for our children's future.  There are many reasons to buy only organic and natural products. They may seem more expensive to buy, but when you know at what expense you are getting a cheap product, you'll realize, it's actually worth it.  Here are a few of many reasons to buy natural products:

- clean and free of pesticides, fertilizers, genetically grown products, and other unnatural substances.
- if you eat more green and less meat, you safe your money. Meat is more expensive to buy and especially much more expensive to make. 
- you shift the culture towards a healthier lifestyle where big corporations that control the food market have to become more mindful and ethical on what they offer to the society hence create a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren.
- there is already an epidemic of obesity in the U.S. Adding genetically grown foods to the picture has a potential of creating unstoppable mutation in species effecting the whole living world in horrific ways.

I'd love to continue adding more reasons on why should we choose natural and organic. If you have a reason in mind, please add it to the comments section!


  1. Thanks, Marina. These are great tips. I don't know about CO2 in food, but I agree that it does seem unhealthy.


  2. Hi Kendra, Thank you for your comment! I actually checked ricotta cheese in Whole Foods, it doesn't have CO2! It has no preservatives which is nice!
    Best, m

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