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Friday, November 13, 2009

John Kohler

Last night I went to hear John's speach on how he became a 100% raw foodist. Such lectures always give me a great inthusiasm to keep going in my raw experience so I couldn't miss it even though I found hout about it 2 hrs beforeahead.  Below are his websites and a few main points that I've learned.

  • 2/3 (almost 70%) of the human body consists of liquid so it's just natural fact that we have to consume 70% of liquid on daily basis (veggies, fruits, purified water, etc)
  • garlic and onion are not as healthy as I used to think (coming from my Ukranian upbringing - we think it's really healthy). In fact, there are many nutrionists and dietitians with very different opinions but only one thing they all believe is that garlic is not nessesary for your diet as it irritates your stomach.  
  • RAW is anything that wasn't cooked above 118 degrees, but not everything under 118 degrees is healthy.

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