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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My First Ever Blogging!

...just started blogging in another place and didn't like it. trying out this site now, moving my only 2 posts here, here is the 1st..

I have no idea where to begin as this is my first time going WWW with my fleeting thoughts. Forgive for all the future grammar mistakes as this is my 3rd language and I am still learning it. Julie & Julia movie actually inspired me to write hoping to find some people like me who are trying to go "raw" and "cheating all over the place" along the way.

My first encounter with the raw food diet was in my back yard. My neighbor Joe was attending to some greens at the back of our townhouses. We have no yard - just grass and the ocean a few yards away, but he was very skillfully taking care of many trays of (I found out later) wheatgrass and sun flower seed sprouts. Turns out, he was very sick a year ago and had an option of taking a lot of medicine or trying an unconventional way - Hippocrates Health Institute. A year later, he is very healthy and 80% of his diet is raw veggies juices and sprouts.

I started researching about this stuff and my discoveries were overwhelming. I couldn't wait any longer and ordered my wheatgrass kit with the juicer. I figured I could try and grow that too and have it as a supplement to our diets. Then we travelled in the summer. One month in Russia was lots of fun but didn't help my body health at all. My relatives there have unbelievable cult of meals. All we did was preparing delicious meals and cleaning the dishes. I was back home with 3 extra pounds. You may think is she kidding?! only 3 lbs? Well, it's a lot for me. Everyone has limits, and even though I am not a big person generally, I was concerned as I couldn't loose them at all. First time ever. I did like having a little dessert everyday, but I always had it and managed to flactuate a few lbs up and down, but not this time. Having no incentives to loose weight doesn't help either. Even my beautiful husband or my modeling hobby didn' help. I started looking around for some new incentives and was so glad to learn about raw foodists coming into town with lecture. Basically that was my turning point. I've learned more from the lecture how meats and diary treat our bodies, about processed foods and starches, etc and I couldn't go back to my old routine, I felt it was too mean to do it to my body.
I started from buying several snacks at the lecturers' shop. It was $60 for only a few snacks, everything is as organic and raw as can be, but I figured I have to learn more ways of going raw as this way will be too expensive!

This is how I started my journey towards a better healthier well being. I do not call it a diet. I've never gone on a diet, restriction means I have to have it so the diets never worked for me and I am scared of that word. Changing my life style to improve my health and well being, increase my happiness and satisfaction, this is what this journey is about and nothing less.

night night for now..


  1. Oh Marina, you are an awesome writer!!!!!! I thought you posted the blog from somebody else!!?? Until i found out that it is Y O U R Blog....... I love it. Keep me updated :-) Talk to you soooooon, Kristine

  2. Oh Kris, you are too sweet. Thank you so much, the best compliment ever! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO, M

  3. FANTASTIC WORK MARINA! The RAW Halloween treats were amazing!!