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Monday, November 2, 2009

Night Club on a Raw Stomach

OK, I admit, there was nothing raw about this event. But you know what, the Halloween Pumpkin Ball happens only once a year and I’ve got to live my life. So with that, I had a full cup of veggie juice at home. My regular veggie combination was especially tasty with the addition of tomato and dill, very aromatic. I just LOVE dill, you can’t have too much of it! Then I marched into the night life of Sarasota. My poor husband agreed to share a spinach quesadilla with me in a bar instead of his regular routine. I, with the suggestion of Tori, our friend and babysitter, had a light screwdriver. It contains juice so it was good. I used to be very bored of this beverage but since I don’t seem to be addicted to the red wine anymore, it was a perfect choice. We stayed out for almost 4 hours and I had 3 light screwdrivers in 4 hrs! If you know me, it’s not much at all  Result – no stomach pain, no hangover next morning.

Btw, I almost don’t eat meat and no processed starches or sugar for me. Once I cheated a few days ago and had 1 chocolate chip cookie. It’s literally a drug and I don’t want to try it anymore. It makes you insanely happy during eating it, and then half an hour later you must have another injection of the same kind of sugar. No, I am not playing this game again! It’s just easier to have some sweet granola with natural sweet ingredients and have a nice balanced feeling inside your brain and body before and after.

Weight. It’s strange but I am not losing any weight anymore. I wonder if everybody has its own limits? Or should I stop my granola/nut indulging?
Night night for now….

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