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Monday, November 12, 2012

Amazing Blood Test

Recently I had an amazing blood test done- a dream of mine for several years. Many of the details were expected and are very comforting. However, some stuff is shocking!

The first scary thing was, I saw quite a bit of metal in my blood with my own eyes as the technician had it displayed on a large screen. She said most of it could be due to the fact that I'm wearing braces now and I have had quite a bit of amalgam installed in my teeth in the past. My former dentist thought it was perfectly healthy. It's good to know, I’ve been in the process of removing all that amalgam from my mouth. I just need to start flushing out toxins that I get from wearing braces.

this is my blood thru microscope and the shiny dots
(not many of them are captured here) are metal deposits

Next was my alkaline/acid balance. I didn't expect it to be perfect as ever since installing my braces I reduced amount of fresh veggies in my diet and started eating more cooked soft foods. I miss my salads! Also, sleepless nights with the baby create more acidity in the body as does a hormonal imbalance from the last pregnancy. In addition, nursing, coffee, any stress create more acidity in the body. Needless to say I need to increase amount of alkaline foods!

Those are my major health concerns that I'm anxious to fix. One of the most wonderful ways to inject yourself with alkaline nutrients is to drink a lot of colorful freshly made juices. So I’m trying to increase my daily intake of greens through freshly made raw juices and smoothies. I made this one today. The kids loved it too.

Veggie juice recipe:
1/2 celery bunch
1 cucumber
6 carrots
1/2 lemon
2 tomatoes
1 large handful of parsley

If you think that you are too acidic, ask me about the One Week Cleanse and Renew Program! If you would like to change your daily lifestyle habits for good, schedule your free initial consultation with me.

If you are interested in this blood test, I just called Brandi Stewart at Stewart Analysis, LTD and found out that she will be performing this test in Sarasota on November 14, 2012 at this address:

Special Nutrition Store, Stickney Point and 41, 941-929-0884 

Brandi comes to the Sarasota area approximately once a month and you can find out about her schedule here  DON'T FORGET TO MENTION MY NAME!

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