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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Story of Nutritious You™ Treats

Marina Sommers, holistic health and wellness coach hasn’t always been a healthy food junkie. It all started when she and her family moved to Siesta Key, Florida. The natural beauty of the island and the beach evoke her passion for nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

At the same time her daughter developed an acute condition of Geographic Tongue. Certain foods made it very difficult for her to eat. Several months of trying to find a cure proved to be futile. Marina realized there had to be a drastic change for the better. She finally decided to move the whole family to a strict organic whole food based diet, without gluten, white sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors or any other laboratory made food-like products.

To Marina’s amazement, her daughter’s tongue was healed in two weeks! All the spots were gone. This is where the new journey began.

Marina started creating her own treats in alignment with her family’s new diet, at the same time still wanting her daughter to have the tasty treats that kids enjoy. This is how Nutritious You™ Treats came to life.

Marina’s ultimate goal is to bring her healthy treats to as many families as possible. Forget sacrificing taste for health. She is committed to providing natural, healthy and nutrient filled foods so there is NO GUILT, while indulging on favorite flavors or textures. Marina is dedicated to creating foods that are not just better for you, but good for you.

All our treats never go to high temperatures to preserve what’s nature has created.

NutBerry Mini Granola Bar, with wrapping
Veggie Crackers
Rosemary Walnuts

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