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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Not so Happy Rawfood Day..

Our daddy is back in the family after a busy school week and Katya is overexcited, mommy’s too. We went to the Philippi Pumpkin Fest expecting a lot of fun but it turned out to be right under the hot Floridian sun; and the working crew at the carousel, we thought, was already drunk at 10am. The party that’s happening at the Caviche Club late tonight should to be more fun though. Can’t wait to dress up in our German outfits and put enormous amount of makeup on my face!


Raw morning wasn’t that pleasant today. I was anxiously waiting for my juice and, having a lot of bean sprouts in the fridge, knowing how good they are and how quickly they get spoiled, I decided to put them all into my juice and no sweet veggies like carrots or beets or watermelon. So my juice was so nasty that I couldn’t stand it. I made my hubby have a sip and he booted it all out  I can still remember that taste! The lesson here: make sure you I don’t put too much of bean sprouts in one juice. As mush as it’s delicious in salad, pad thai, etc, the pure juice of it is not at all. Just my opinion.


Btw, as I was saying earlier, I do not stay on pure raw diet yet. First, I am not used to be 100% raw. Secondly it’s a very slow process for me and I am not even sure I’ll be able to become 100% raw. This is the option that works for me without making this experience unpleasant. So of things that I’m not supposed to be eating, I did eat 2 pieces of chiken nuggets yesterday (Thanks to Michelle’s Halloween party for the kids) - they were extraordinary. I also had coffee before noon and a glass of white wine at night with like 10 ice cubes. I like to unwind on Fridays! What’s amazing is how quickly our human body responses to changes. One glass of wine was more than enough for a whole night where before I was in need of about 3 glasses! While you may think, oh she’s talking about 2 pieces of chicken nuggets!.. common, it’s nothing! But believe it or not YOU GET FUL SO QUICKLY, It’s unreal!


Out of the subject line, I’d like to share with the local “Sarasoteans”, that the new Produce store in Golf Gate is awesome! I go there every week now and buy a huge bag of different veggies and it costs me about $20 where in whole foods I’d spend at least $60..

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