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Monday, December 17, 2012

What to Do in the Aftermath of Newtown, CT Shooting

When you look into your child's eyes, do you you see the safe future for him/her? Do you wonder how you can influence the future so this horrible event doesn't happen again? I believe, every single voice matters!

The Newtown shootings are an unimaginable tragedy. It is hard not to see the faces of our own children in the photos of the deceased from Newtown. As we mourn, please consider urging Washington to act to make our nation safer. A letter is provided below as a template (feel free to change to reflect your personal views) to send to your representative in Washington.

Share this letter with your friends! Our 3 letters are in the mail today, addressed to Rubio, Nelson, and Buchanan, the Senators and Rep in the state of Florida.

"Dear Representative/Senator. . . ,

The recent killings in Newtown highlight our nation’s flawed approach regarding the regulation of lethal weapons. Mass killings with legally and illegally obtained guns have become too common. Unfortunately, new legislation has not been introduced to counter this disturbing trend.

I encourage you, as my elected representative and voice in Washington, to introduce legislation that will require at least: 1) a re-introduction of the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, 2) the elimination of gun ownership background check loopholes 3) the creation a seven-day waiting period to avoid violent impulsive actions and 4) the assurance that the purchaser is housing the weapons in a locked, safe space to which only he or she has access.

As the parent of young children, this tragedy is personal. It is impossible not to see our own children in the pictures of the deceased from Newtown. While I recognize the use of certain non-assault weapons for recreation and self-defense, I cannot imagine any other reason for gun ownership that trumps the safety of our children. 

I look forward to your response and I will be monitoring your legislative action.


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