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Monday, August 5, 2013

Free Raw Food Guide for Beginners

This summer was quite eventful!  I received an amazing training in Boston working long hours in a kitchen of a successful restaurant, one of the three longest running successful raw/vegan restaurants in the nation and probably in the world. So grateful to the Chefs for sharing their incredible skills and secrets with me. Now, I am ready to share these secrets with you!  The knowledge of nutrition and health through your plate!

If you are wondering why is raw food so good for you, click below to receive a

for beginners to learn the basics about raw food and to get a few recipe ideas.  Would you like to learn how to make burgers, soups, falafels, sour cream, alfredo pasta, pad thai, jack cheese, chocolate chip cookie or many other foods from scratch (of course I mean raw nutritious version of it)? Then book your Raw Food Workshop with me here.  You invite your friends and I take care of everything else.  Have a Girls/Boys-Night-Out at your office/home. You will have a yummy healthy meal that you prepared while having fun and educating yourself.

Here is just one example of how nutritious raw food can be:

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